Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Eastern Palace Premier Bundle Suite

Wanted to show ya'll the Eastern Palace Premier Bundle Suite that I got today!!!
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Hope ya'll enjoy!!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Why I'm Missing In Action

Hello my Crafty Friends. Thought I would let ya'll know why I'm not posting right now.
Thursday the 20th after I came home from work that night, I tripped over our Bassett Hound T-Bone. I had gotten my new cell phone in and it wouldn't activate. Decided to get online really quick to see if Verizon had a help list for it. With cell phone in left hand, diet caf free Dr. Pepper in right and my eyes on the phone, I step over T-Bone with one leg. He decided at that time to get up. He knocked me down. I hit the floor really hard. To the point that I couldn't move my left arm. When I was able to get up, get past the feeling that I was gonna be sick, Johnnie took me to the ER. It's between 11 and 11:30pm at this point. After getting x-rays done and a nice pain shot, I was told that I had a fractured and compounded humorous bone. They put me in this contraption that goes around my body just below my breast with two straps to hold my arm immobile.
Doctor on Friday morning. He says broke instead of fractured. Good chance for having surgery. Sent me to have a CT Scan that afternoon.
Back to see him on Monday to decide what to do. A piece broke off the ball that goes into shoulder and it stayed where it belongs. The bone itself shifted and shoved up some and messed up the ball. We decided to see if it would heal right where it's at. Because if he has to do surgery, he will have to do a complete shoulder replacement. If it doesn't heal &/or gives me problems, then we will go the surgery route. I'm lookin at 6 weeks for healing and at least 3 months to get it mobile. Will start PT after the 10th of May.
I have done a little one handed stamping. When I get something done that I want to show, I'll try taking pictures.
God has it. I'm gonna get through this just fine. There will be true Blessings in all of this. The first one is that it was my left arm since I'm right handed. And Johnnie is an awesome nurse. He's a great cook. Has gotten the hang of taking care of me so well. But I'm tellin' ya, we take so many things for granted. I'm so very loved and Blessed.
I love all of my Crafty Friends and I will be back going strong before you know it!!!!!!
Johnnie wanted a picture of my arm. So here it is. It looks pretty good here compared to how it did look. Now its into the greens.
And one funny thing happened. The glass I had in my right hand. It was sitting straight up on the floor. Not a drop spilled!!!!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

2017-2018 Annual Catalog Preorder

Hello my crafty friends!!!
Thought I would show you what I preordered from the 2017-2018 Annual Catalog that will be live on June 1st. There are some totally awesome new products that I know you will really want.
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Hope ya'll enjoy my video.